Zinc-plating of metal and steel parts and products: with thin coating and interesting price-setting

For zinc-plating of metal or steel parts and products is Multinal Group the right partner. From elektrolytic zinc-plating of semi-manufactured metals to end products, we like to zinc-plate for you.

Beside zinc-plating, you can choose which passivating process you prefer and we can offer you zinc-plating in combination with powder coating. In short, for professional zinc-plating or a combination with another surface treatment, Multinal Group has the  specialists.

Advantages of electrolytic zinc-plating or galvanize:

  • High corrosion resistency in combination with zinc-plating
  • Zinc can be applied in very thin layers
  • Zinc-plating and powder coating have a very long lifespan
  • Smooth visual appearance
  • Ductility is good, object can be remodelled after zinc-plating

Electrolytic zinc-plating and passivation

For electrolytic zinc-plating, in a watery salt solution, the (electrolytic) zinc (anode) is deposited on the object (cathode) using direct current. This method makes it possible to build up a thin coating without the product exceeding its tolerances. A zinc coating also provides a good cathodic protection for steel.

Increased corrosion protection through passivation

After zinc-plating, the corrosion protection is increased by the application of passivation. Among other things, this inhibits rusting of zinc, also known as white rust.

Various types of passivation: blank (also called blue zinc plating), yellow or black

The processes zinc-plating, zinc iron, zinc cobalt and zinc nickel are quite suitable for (repeated) zinc-plating and passivation of lock components, bolts and nuts, hinging bars, rings, callipers, triangles, oil pipes and hinges. Zinc-plating is quite popular with small components in particular, as they can be given thin coatings without having to re-thread the threaded fasteners. Multinal Group uses electrolytic zinc-plating particularly on steel, but also sometimes on brass and copper. We also offer a wide choice of various types of passivation, such as blank, yellow, black or blue. These can be used in combination with zinc alloys and powder coating – depending on the requirements placed on corrosion protection and desired appearance.

Zinc-plating combined with passivation and/or with powder coating

Beside zinc-plating, Multinal Group also has expertise and experience in the area of passivation. This knowledge is essential for carrying out the zinc-plating process, as we always zinc-plate in combination with passivation. This combination, which is mutually reinforcing and prevents discolouration outdoors, provides even better corrosion protection. We can also apply the zinc-plating under a layer of powder coating.

The combination of zinc-plating and powder coating improves corrosion inhibition and obtains less maintenance. Zinc-plating, passivation, black passivation and powder coating are surface treatments which are frequently applied by Multinal Group. We will gladly give you advice about which treatment will best meet your requirements.