Restorations, chrome-plating, nickel-plating and powder coating of car spare parts of oldtimers and classic cars

Multinal Group has a good reputation to defend when it comes to restorations. Our company has always been involved in various kinds of restorations

From royal palaces and yachts, façades and windows in Jugendstil and Art-Deco style to old carriages, motorcycles and classic cars/oldtimers. All kinds of restorations, which were entrusted to us, underwent professional surface treatments. Even renowned restauration companies utilize the possibilities which Multinal Group offers.

Thorough cleaning of the (restoration) object makes it obvious. It does not matter what kind of requirements you have. Before an object can be surface treated it should be cleaned thoroughly and/or grinded.  After this it will be clear what kind of material we are dealing with, subsequently we can advise you about the possibilities and the expected end result. Of course your wishes will be leading. After cleaning and/or grinding/polishing we can start the actual required treatment.

Restoration activities for consumers will mainly be performed in our subsidiary in Amsterdam.

Possibilities for your oldtimer:

  • Chrome-plating or re-chrome-plating and nickel-plating of e.g. bumpers and headlights
  • Zinc-plating of parts of locks, oil pipelines and hinged parts
  • Grinding and polishing of aluminium, inox, copper or brass pats
  • Adjustment of special parts, reparation etc.
  • Combination of zinc-plating and powder coating

Restoration of oldtimers or Classic cars, the possibilities

  • (Re)nickel-plating and/or (re)chrome-plating of buffers, headlights, doorhandles, airfilters, motorcycles forks, syphons, bars, rear lights,  grill-parts, decoration parts, stands, steerages, exhaust pipes, bolt, nuts, rings and springs. Depending on the material and the aim, we can chrome-plate this matte, satin or glossy. In more circumstances it is even possible to copper-plate to obtain a nice and better result.
  • (Re)zinc-plating and passivating in white, yellow or black of parts of locks, bolts, nuts, rings, bars, brake mechanisms, triangles, oil pipes, hinged parts.
  • Grind and polishing of aluminium, inox, copper and brass parts.
  • Manufacturing or adjustment of special parts, reparation and restoration of dented or worn parts.
  • It is also possible to choose a combination of zinc-plating and powder coating. Powder coating of e.g. rims, splash-boards, frames and brackets offer a good protection against corrosion as well as less maintenance and it also obtains an attractive and smooth appearance in every demanded colour.

On the left picture you can see in what state of condition the Beta motorcycle was before it was renovated. On the picture right you can see how the motorcycle has been fixed up after restoration by Multinal Group. Several surface treatments such as the zinc plating, powder coating and chrome plating have been applied on the Beta.