Pre- and after-treatment of metal to obtain the best result when surface treating your products

When you would to have the surfaces of metal objects galvanised or treated chemically or mechanically, Multinal Group is your best partner. Beside professional coating or surface treatment on metal, we also offer pre- and after-treatment to help achieve the desired end result. This type of treatment often proves to be that little bit of extra value for a small additional price.

The application of coatings or surface treatments always depends on the materia which is supplied by the customer. The quality of the material determines our options in the performances of the surface treatments. After all there are many types of inox or stainless steel, but also the steel itself and the country of origin can also make a difference. With our pre- and after-treatment of metal, we can remove any unevenness or make the material somewhat rougher so the coating will adhere slightly better.

Our metal pre- and after treatment services:

  • Grinding and polishing
  • Derusting and Degreasing
  • Denickel-plating and Dechrome-plating
  • Brushing
  • Decalcifying
  • Blasting

We offer the following pre-and after-treaments:

Grinding is often used to remove pitting or scratches, but also as pretreatment for applying galvanic coatings or surface treatments. Polishing is used to improve the surface area and as the finishing touch for your end product.

Derusting of steel and metal

Multinal Group uses the most common treatment methods, blasting and pickling, to remove rust from steel. With our extensive experience in this field, we will gladly offer advice about which treatment would be the best solution.


Blasting is the most effective treatment to remove rust or corrosion. We also use blasting as a pretreatment before powder coating or wet painting, to create an optimum adhesion of the powder coatings. Our experience and expertise covers both simple and intensive blasting. Blasting can also be used for degreasing of products.  More about blasting.