Powder coating, coating and wet painting of metal products and machine-parts

If you want your product to have an excellent anti-corrosion protection, with a long lifespan and reduced maintenance, the Multinal Group’s powder coating or wet painting treatments offer many possibilities.

Even when it concerns powder coating and/or wet painting of one single piece or series of thousands of units; everything is possible.

Advantages of applying a coating

  • Coating is an excellent protective coating against corrosion
  • Extended product life of your metal product
  • Less maintenance by coating
  • Smooth appearance
  • Applicable for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Set up in multiple powder coating layers

Colourful possibilities in powder coating and wet painting of metal products and spare parts

With our many types of powder and wet painting, we can offer many colourful options, even if you need a special colour. RAL and designer colours, transparent coatings or special structure effects, it will all be performed by our professionals. But also mill scale-, wrinkle- or metallic effects with the desired degree of gloss is an example of how craftsmanship is combined with the latest technology.

Removal of rust and optimum adhesion

Our staff knows all about powder coating and wet painting – combined with the effort and dedication of people who will do everything to produce top quality and to obtain short delivery times. Naturally we have the in-house expertise for a secure performance of blasting. With blasting we remove rust formation, mill scale, white heat and welding seams, which also elevates the optimum adhesion of the powder coating and/or wet painting.