Galvanizing of metal, in professional hands at Multinal Group

The surface treatments which Multinal Group as chemical technical service provider offers are also known under the collective name galvanizing.

Multinal Group performs the following galvanic processes which are covered by the collective name galvanizing:

  • Glass bead blasting;
  • Chrome plating;
  • Gold plating;
  • Nickel plating;
  • Tinning (soon);
  • Zinc-plating;
  • Silvering (soon).

Processes which are not galvanic but regularly be intended when we speak of galvanizing are: pickling and passivation, electrolytic polishing, metallizing of synthetics and powder coating.

Why galvanising of metal?

  • Applying of a protective layer
  • Embellishing of the appearance of the product
  • For every requirement a suitable surface treatment
  • Add extra value to your product
  • Longer lifespan of the product
  • Decrease maintenance

Galvanizing: a protective coating and nice appearance

During the galvanizing process, an existing metal object is given another coating of metal, usually for the purpose of adding a protective coating to the surface. The result is a galvanized surface or galvanized coating, with the benefits of the properties of both metals. We often use a combination of corrosion protection and embellishment. However, scratch resistance or conductivity are added benefits with the application of a protective coating or surface treatment. As you should expect, we are there to offer advice!

Metal and synthetic industrial surface treating company

This means we are:

  • informed about the latest technical developments;
  • early informed about changes in laws and regulations;
  • able to consult the answer to (technical) questions to the Association.


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