High pressure cleaning, hydro jetting and hydro flushing: cleaning with water saves the environment


When it comes to environmentally friendly cleaning Multinal Group takes her responsibility. When high pressure cleaning, hydro jetting or hydro flushing belongs to the possibilities to achieve the desired degree of cleaning, we take this along in our tailor-made job recommendation.

In times in which the environment plays an increasingly important role and the technique is becoming ever more sophisticated, cleaning under high pressure is getting more popular.

However the applicability of cleaning with water depends on the customer-specific requirements and the standards registered for pipeline systems. The complexity of the system and the accessibility determine if it is possible to clean with water.

The best high pressure cleaning method within reach


For cleaning with water Multinal Group offers a number of variations. High pressure cleaning, as everyone knows. Cleaning under very high pressure (also known under the term hydro jetting) and cleaning involving very large volumes of water, the so-called hydro flushing.

As each situation is unique, our advice is always tailored to your personal situation. We guarantee the most efficient process and the best possible cleaning method, whether or not by means of high pressure or with water.