Flushing hydraulic and lube oil systems with hot oil or waterglycol

When you want to give your hydraulic and lube oil systems a fresh, trouble-free, start and ensure that your in-line control components function effectively, hot oil flushing by Multinal Group is the perfect solution.

Hot oil flushing is carried out by rapidly circulating a turbulent flow of oil through systems and pipelines. The oil dislodges contaminating materials from the walls and flushes them out of the system. Hot oil flushing removes installation debris from new systems and prevents contamination of existing systems. Hot-oil flushing is widely used at refineries, on- and offshore, production platforms and turbines.

Why flushing?

  • Fresh start for systems
  • Fresh start for lube oil systems
  • Removes mounting pollution in new installations
  • Prevents contamination older installations

Flushing with watergluycol for systems

For systems that are unsuitable for cleaning with oil (hot oil), e.g. when there is a risk of explosion or fire, flushing with water glycol is a good alternative. We have considerable experience of flushing machinery and actuators in the shipping industry and the offshore sector

We can also take care of the flushing of your Blowout Preventer (BOP).