Cleaning vacuum toilet systems: service level guaranteed and satisfied staff

On board of cruise-, ferry-, freight- and naval vessels, it is essential to clean vacuum toilet systems preventive. A clogged toilet system causes irritation and discontent at passengers and crew members.

Fortunately, you can easily avoid this by a preventive cleaning of your vacuum toilet system. It also saves you time and money on repair work by third parties, who eventually do not solve the ultimate problem. Did you know that in 60% of the cases a blockage in the pipe section is caused by regular deposits that reduce the diameter of the pipeline? This will block the pipeline and toilets can no longer be used and more annoying yet, passengers are forced to move to another cabin. Don’t let this happen and contact us today for more advice.

We have a lot of experience with cleaning vacuum toilet systems on cruise-, ferry-, freight- and naval ships. We also supply the chemicals for maintenance and cleaning of vacuum toilet systems.

Cleaning of vacuum sewage systems on vessels:

  • Satisfied customers and crew
  • Preventing extra reparation costs
  • Quick and professional achievement by Multinal Group

Here you can see a part of a vacuum toilet system before and after the cleaning by the specialists of Multinal Group.

You can see the before and after picture by clicking the white arrow in the middle of the picture, and drag it to the right (keep your left mouse button pushed down).