Cleaning of HVAC air ducts, ventilation ducts or air-conditioning systems: reducing the chance to health risks

With HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) ducts the chance to health risks significantly increases due to the presence of (in)visible dust, contamination, molds, and bacteria. The deterrent cleaning of HVAC systems such as air ducts, ventilation ducts, ventilation systems and air conditioning systems reduces the chances to health risks and improves the air quality.

Furthermore, the preventive cleaning of ducts could be energy-saving, although this closely correlates to the contamination degree of the systems or ducts. Multinal Group offers various methods of cleaning with which HVAC ducts can be cleaned preventively and expertly.

Cleaning of HVAC systems are:

  • Cleaning of HVAC air ducts
  • Cleaning of ventilation systems
  • Cleaning airconditioning systems
  • Our services are also pre-inspections of HVAC ducts

Here you can see an example of a dust contaminated HVAC duct prior to cleaning. Next you see the HVAC duct after it has been cleaned by Multinal Group.

You can see the before and after picture by clicking the white arrow in the middle of the picture, and drag it to the right (keep your left mouse button pushed down).

Cleaning of HVAC ducts, air ducts, ventilation ducts or air conditioning systems

For the cleaning of ducts we use, amongst other things, a multifunctional robot fitted with rotating brushes or an electrical hand-unit with special rotating brushes which are connected to a flexible cable. Many HVAC air ducts at hotels, offices, museums, tunnels, housing, offshore islands and ships have been cleaned by us. Stop contamination, molds and bacteria, and arrange for preventive maintenance today. The same goes for inspections of ducts.