Decontamination of destillation towers, tanks, hydrocrackers, hydrotreaters, desalters, isomerisation units, platforms and reformers

Inspections and/or maintenance on process installations is often hard as a result of the presence of toxic hydrocarbons or pollution from process parts. These systems or process installations will be approached with special respiratory equipment to perform the maintenance or inspection.

By decontamination of the intallations toxic hydrocarbons and pollutants can be removed by chemical decontaminating of the systems. After that the process parts will be accesible again. Besides after decontamination also the efficiency of the installation will increase.

Cleaning of process installations

  • System accesible for maintenance or inspections
  • Efficiency of the system increases
  • A clean system or installation

Professional decontamination or process installations

For professional and effective decontamination of distillation tower, tanks, hydro-crackers, hydrotreaters, desalters, isomerisation units, platforms and reformers; you have come to the right place at Multinal Group!