Inspections and cleaning of kitchen grease extraction ducts

A grease extraction ventilation system draws grease laden air directly from the areas above the cookers, grills and fryers air via the cooker hood, and vents it to the atmosphere. But while the filters in the canopy are designed to trap grease particles, small particles pass through and into the extraction system, coating the inside of the ductwork, the fan and exhaust with flammable deposits.

These deposits can be easily ignited by even a small flash. Flames and heat are then quickly spread causing substantial damage and potentially endangering lives. Consumer law states that more than 78% of catering units are in need of cleaning to remove fire hazards.

Cleaning of grease ducts offer you the following advantages:

  • Less risk of fire
  • Save of energy consumption
  • Improvement of the air quality in the kitchen for your staff
  • Less chance for unwanted odours
  • Improvement of the hygiene in the kitchen

On the picture you see an example of a polluted and cleaned grease duct. Multinal Group takes care of the cleaning and inspection of grease extraction ducts and grease filters.

You can see the before and after picture by clicking the white arrow in the middle of the picture, and drag it to the right (keep your left mouse button pushed down).

Advantages of cleaning grease ducts in addition to reducing the risk of fire are:

  • You save on energy costs
  • Removes heat smells/odours and steam from kitchen
  • Removes greasy vapours from the kitchen which is an ignition source
  • Produces a safe working environement

Since decades Multinal Group utilizes a very effective and successful cleaning method for cleaning grease ducts with a special detergent and steam under high pressure. This method has proven itself over the years with restaurants, hospitals and (cruise) ships.


Kitchen extract duct cleaning is now an insurance requirement details can be found in your insurance policy. There are various legislation and guideline principles which explanation which can be found in the Health and Saftey Act; Occupiers Liability Act: The Workplace(Health, Saftey and Welfare Act) Fire precautions in the design and Construction of buildings act. Let us take your worries away. Multinal Group offers inspection/surveys and cleaning of you grease extraction systems!

It’s hassle free and ensures your clients and personnel a safer environment!

Leak- en fire-resistant grease ducts

Often grease ducts are not waterproof. To prevent fire and leakages Multinal Group offers you the solution: application of Multi Duct Sealer. Click here for more information about this treatment and the benefits.