The transport possibilities of Multinal Group

When it comes to providing transport for your products, we can be brief: we will gladly arrange it for you. Multinal Group has its own vehicle fleet for arranging transport to and from its customers and its own establishments.

Cooperation between the Multinal Group establishments enables us to combine expertise and respond rapidly to customer needs, for example, performing multiple surface treatments, packing the products or picking up and returning them whenever it suits the customer.

Saving time with direct packing of your products

Outsourcing the packing of products to Multinal Group is a service that our customers appreciate and use to shorten delivery times. After all, it saves one link in the logistical chain. Our customers rely on us, as a surface-treatement specialist, to pack their products carefully and prepare them for shipment. In addition to packing, you can make use of our transport service, however you can also arrange the transportation yourself.


Transport facilities and packaging:

  • Quick delivery times
  • We pick up and return your products
  • Saving time with professional packing of your products

Cooperation concept Multilean®

Beside packing of your products and taking care of your transportation, we have developed special software named Multilean®. With this concept of cooperation we do not only take care of transportation, we also contribute to the development of a better product and we also try to achieve savings, together with the involved party. Click here for more information if you would like to know more about Multilean®.