Multinal Hoogezand

At our Hoogezand establishment, steel, carbon steel and stainless steel with a length of up to 12.5 metre and a weight of up to 12.000 kg per object are pickled. Furthermore is it possible to have products pickled, sandblasted and coated on end at the establishment. As a consequence we are able to reduce your delivery times. Please inquire about the possibilities.

Pickling and passivation

During the manufacturing of stainless steel objects, some processing steps may locally affect the corrosion resistance of its surfaces. This in turn will cause the object (locally) to rust and/or corrode. In order to mend such affected surfaces, these objects will be subjected to a pickling treatment in which the surface will be restored. During pickling, the stainless steel will be treated with a caustic consisting of hydrogen fluoride and nitric acid, amongst other chemicals. The stainless steel objects will be submerged within a pickling tank. After extracting the objects from this pickling tank, they will be rinsed with cold water under high pressure and must then be left to dry, allowing the surface layer to be restored. The latter part of this process is called passivation. In addition to providing this service at Multinal Alphen aan den Rijn, we also provide pickling and passivation at our Multinal establishments in Amsterdam, Hoogezand and Vlaardingen.

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