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Pickling and galvanic company Multinal Amsterdam: bringing expertise in electro-galvanising, chrome plating, electrolytic polishing, pickling and passivation.

Galvanisation processes, chrome plating and electro-galvanising

During galvanisation processes, a thin layer of metal is applied to an object through the use of electricity. These processes provide an apt layer of protection, making the object resistant to corrosion. Moreover, these processes enhance the decorative qualities of the treated object.

Electrolytic polishing

Electrolytic polishing is a process in which excess material is removed from a metal work piece. It is applied in order to smoothen out surfaces. Electrolytic polishing works by placing the work piece in a tank of electrolyte, a conductive liquid. An electric voltage is applied between the cathodes and the anodic work piece. The voltage forces the metal ions of the work piece to transfer towards the cathodes. Due to this, irregularities to the surface disappear, thus smoothening it out.

Pickling and passivation

During the manufacturing of stainless steel objects, some processing steps may locally affect the corrosion resistance of its surfaces. This in turn will cause the object (locally) to rust and/or corrode. In order to mend such affected surfaces, these objects will be subjected to a pickling treatment in which the surface will be restored. During pickling, the stainless steel will be treated with a caustic consisting of hydrogen fluoride and nitric acid, amongst other chemicals. The stainless steel objects will be submerged within a pickling tank. After extracting the objects from this pickling tank, they will be rinsed with cold water under high pressure and must then be left to dry, allowing the surface layer to be restored. The latter part of this process is called passivation. In addition to providing this service at Multinal Alphen aan den Rijn, we also provide pickling and passivation at our Multinal establishments in Amsterdam, Hoogezand and Vlaardingen.

We strive for the shortest possible delivery periods: after deliberation, much is possible. Furthermore, we continually aim at refining our level of service. We aim at remaining innovative and as a result of being part of Multinal Group, we also offer options including powder coating, gold plating, or pickling and passivation on site.

If you have any special wishes or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would gladly assist you.

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