The chemical technical service provider for surface treatments and industrial cleaning

The professionals at Multinal Group are more than familiar with the treatment of metals or ABS/ABS-blends synthetics at her factories or the industrial cleaning on-site. With Multinal Group you have come to the right place for expert advice. After all, the choosing of a specific surface treatment or cleaning option could have drastic consequences for the durability of your product, production process, or the process installations. This is why you should consult the specialists!

Multinal Group contributes to the realization of your deadline by:

  • Providing expert advice and a practical assessment of the possibilities;
  • Maximal flexibility allowing us to meet your prearranged deadline;
  • Gain in time by offering quality checks;
  • Speed by deploying our own transportation facilities;
  • Added value through our packaging options for products;
  • Convenience by taking away your burdens.

Through close collaboration between the various Multinal Group establishments, knowledge and expertise are bundled together and allows us to act on your wishes, such as the providing of different surface treatments and/or industrial cleaning. Together, the establishments will cooperate to provide the best end result for your product. As our client, you can entrust your projects to us which will, besides convenience, provide you a gain in time as well.

Multinal Group provides her services both internationally and nationally, and holds establishments in: Alphen aan den Rijn, Alphen aan den Rijn OWAmsterdam, Coevorden, HoogezandVlaardingen and Weesp.

Advantages Multinal Group

  • One point of contact
  • Bundled knowledge and expertise
  • Gain in time
  • Convenience
  • Fast, flexible and professional

The mission of Multinal Group

Multinal Group specializes herself as an innovative, international corporation through the providing of solutions in the fields of surface treatments and industrial cleaning. She does this by means of offering the best possible advice and competitive offer on services within the above mentioned fields, to those where these form an essential part of the business processes. This all happens within an environment where knowledge and advice, quality, chemical processes, and a broad array of services fit into the client’s requirements pattern and with which Multinal disburdens her clients so they can focus on their core business.

During the realizing of her mission Multinal Group strives for:

  • The providing of services of a high service and quality level to her clients while maintaining a high degree of client satisfaction;
  • A captivating, inspiring, clean and tidy work environment for her employees;
  • A trustworthy partnership with her suppliers;
  • An adequate return on the invested capital for her shareholders;
  • “Showing great citizenship towards the rest of the world”;
  • Learning from her past mistakes, so that repetition will be prevented.

The vision consists of multiple pillars:

To Multinal, it is of great importance to deliver high quality for a reasonable price and to operate on short run times. Furthermore, it is important to us to engage into a partnership with our clients in order to offer the clients something extra. We wish to provide an overview of surface treatments and logistic provision of services, allowing our clients to entrust us all of their surface treatments and industrial cleaning projects in full, so they can truly focus on their core business.

  1. Besides striving for profitability, continuity, and the providing of a high standard of quality, Multinal wishes, above all, to be an organization which does business in a societal setting and with this takes the whole of the operational environment into account, where cooperation with all stakeholders is optimal. For example, through branch collaboration, development plans for employees, policy and processes in conformity with MVO, and certification for a management system based on normalizations;
  2. Unambiguous uniformity in image, working method, and service orientation of all Multinal establishments;
  3. Approaches which strengthen the vision are based on methods of management from a costs perspective, added value, stock control, and process improving methods.

Training and quality standards

The optimizing of the internal organization is realized by setting high standards for (production) processes within the organization and the people who perform the work, prior to providing our services. Through the benefit of training, the employees of our organization become enabled to operate according to our high quality standards. By encouraging her clients to file any and all complaints, Multinal Group employs a policy of complaints prevention which is to contribute to the prevention of repetition. To ensure optimal safety we follow the regulations set by ISO 9001 and VCA.

In short, safety, health, environment, and quality are the priority of Multinal Group and her facilities!

Complaint prevention and the filing of complaints

Multinal Group strives for the continuous improvement of her processes. By seriously taking complaints of her clients into consideration, we are able to improve ourselves and/or to take necessary measures in order to prevent these in the near future.

If, even after our careful handling of the products, you do wish to file a complaint, then please do so by filling in the complaint form and contacting us. Together we will be able to prevent future problems.

Thank you for your effort!


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Corporate social responsibility

The management of the corporations within the ‘Multinal Group’ has been actively implementing policies in the sectors of safety, health, and environment for years. Actively implementing a VGM policy is furthermore one of the most important objectives of the ‘Multinal Group’. With this we do not only provide significant improvement to men and environment within the vicinity of our (production) locations, but we are also able to reduce production costs through efficient usage of environment sparing solutions.

Multinal Group strives to continuously improve the services and products delivered by her corporations. She does this through the application of any and all resources which are technically, socially, and communally reliable.

The principles for this are:

  • Minimal burden for men and environment;
  • The containment of risks during operational projects by – where possible – the automatization of hazardous activities;
  • The evaluation of projects and procedures, and the fine-tuning of said projects and procedures where necessary.

Establishment collaboration and added value

In our concept of collaboration, also known as the ‘lean and mean-concept’, it is you who decides on which suppliers you work with and what will be arranged with them in financial respect. All corporations are independent within the establishments; however, during the collaboration Multinal Group receives the coordination with which the foundations for long term partnerships are laid down. The supporting Multilean® software disburdens you from the planning, the quality check, and the logistics, where you receive the end products based on your own (production) requirements. In this case you will only have to deal with one point of contact: Multinal Group.